The founders of the IIHE, in collaboration with the International AIDS Society, (IAS) organized  The Third High-Level Consultation on HIV in Conservative Social Settings: HIV, Human Rights, and Sustainability: From Analysis to Action in Beirut in January 2018. 

The consultation brought together officials and experts from 15 different countries to discuss topics including how to address barriers and stigmas surrounding HIV, testing, prevention and the rights of people living with HIV. It was held at the  American University of Beirut. Panel discussions, keynote presentations and workshops fostered the necessary conversation between various organizations and experts with the aim of advancing conducive political and social changes regarding the needs of persons living with HIV.

The IAS is the world’s largest association of HIV professionals, with members from more than 180 countries.

The outcome of this summit in Beirut was presented at the 22nd International AIDS Conference - the largest conference on any global health issue in the world - in Amsterdam in July 2018.