Associate Scholars

Dr. Altyn Aringazina

 Prof. Aringazina is Head of the Department of Population Health &Social Sciences at Kazakhstan 

Medical University, Kazakhstan School of Public Health in Almaty. She was elected as a member of the WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Health Promotion for 2009-2013. In this capacity she has actively participated in a number of WHO activities in the European Region and globally. She is a globally elected member of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) Board of Trustees for 2007-2013. She directs the professional preparation programs in public health and health promotion for MPH and PhD students and continuing education professionals from medicine and health administration at the KSPH. She has led studies of health promotion capacity and public health infrastructure in Kazakhstan and has been an instrumental force in designing elements of the reform of the current public healthcare system. As the principal author of several critical studies of health promotion capacity in Kazakhstan, Dr. Aringazina has emerged within the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the Central Asian region, as a leading scholar of health promotion and public health. She holds a Doctor of Medical Sciences and is a manager in Public Health, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Dr. Altyn Aringazina has published over 120 articles and book chapters in public health field. She conducted postdoctoral research as a Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University in the City of New York. 


Dr. Sedef Akgüngör

Professor, Faculty of Business Department of Economics Dokuz Eylul University Izmir Turkey

Prof. Akgüngör is a professor of economics at Dokuz Eylul University, İzmir, Turkey. She holds a MA degree in Economics and PhD Degree in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University. She teaches a variety of economics courses and conducts research on regional development, agricultural economics with special focus on monitoring and evaluation of projects involving rural livelihoods, social network analysis and social capital.  She was appointed as a board member of Dokuz Eylul University International Biomedicine and Genome Institute between 2014 and 2016. She was a Fulbright Scholar in Residence and taught at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service and Philander Smith College at Little Rock where she taught classes on community development (2014-2015). As a Fulbright Scholar, she gave invited lectures at Clinton School, University of Arkansas (Fayetville), Philander Smith College, University at Albany Global Institute for Health and Human Rights, University at Albany Rockefeller School of Public Affairs and Policy. She has 20 years of experience in leading and participating in the EU projects including European Science Foundation Eurocores programme, European Science Foundation Collaborative Research Project programme, COST and EU Framework 7 programme (FP7) as well as bilateral joint research projects with various European Institutions, including University of Hohenheim and Ghent University. 


Dr. Hamdia Mirkhan Ahmed

Assistant Professor

Dr Hamdia Mirkhan Ahmed has MSc and PhD degree in Maternity Nursing from Hawler Medical University/Kurdisatn region/Iraq and BSc Of Nursing from Islamic Azad University/Iran. She is assistant professor and she is head of Midwifery Department in college of Nursing and Director of the Center for Research and Education in Women’s Health in Hawler Medical University, Erbil, Iraq. He has more than 25 research papers in fields of women’s health, heath services research, conflict and health and medical education in Iraqi Kurdistan contexts that have been published in well reputed and highly accessible journals. Her current research interest is primarily related to women’s health in Iraqi Kurdistan Region. Dr Hamdia has obtained and successfully implemented a number of research and projects for improving nursing and midwifery care in Kurdistan region. 


Dr. Ali Dadpay

Acting Chair of the Finance and Economics Department,

Dr. Ali Dadpay is the Professor of Economics and the Acting Chair of the Finance and Economics Department, where he teaches a variety of economics courses and conducts economic impact studies as well as investigating topics in industrial organizations and econometrics.

Previous to joining The Bill Munday School of Business at St. Edward’s University, Ali Dadpay worked at the College of Business at Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia, where he served as the Director of Center for Research in Economic Sustainability & Trends (CREST) and Assistant Dean and MBA Director. An innovative instructor he has designed and prepared teaching materials on e-commerce, environmental economics, policy analysis, and strategic planning for businesswomen, environmental activists, and women running in local elections. Ali is an active researcher, and his articles on mixe have appeared in the Journal of Econometrics, Eastern Economic Journal, Applied Economics Quarterly, Australian Economic Papers, and Journal of Air Transport Management. He writes actively for the media and has appeared in print in outlets such as the New York Times, Financial Tribune Daily, Christian Science Monitor and Global Monitor. His business experience includes working as an analytics consultant for Rapp Collins Marketing Worldwide and Marketing Analytics (now part of Nielsen), as well as a consultant for the World Bank. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, a Master of Science degree in Socio-Economic Systems Engineering from the Institute for Management and Planning Studies and a Master of Arts degree in Economics from Virginia Tech. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 


Dr. Nahid Husseini

Expert on women's affairs and female education   

Dr. Nahid Husseini , an acknowledged expert on women's affairs and female education in the Iranian media, holds a PhD and an MA in Education, Gender and International Development from Kingston University and Institute of Education in London. In addition, Nahid has gained a PGCE in teaching and has previously taught Information Technology at Further Education colleges in London.  Women’s issues, specifically Gender and Education in Middle Eastern countries, represent the focus of Nahid’s research interests. Her wider concern is to promote the positive benefits of women’s education in bringing about social change in society generally, with particular emphasis on its potential impact on the future of Iranian society.  Nahid is fluent in Farsi, English and Kurdish languages. She is the author of two books: “Impact of Culture on Iranian Female Education, 2010,” and “Higher Education, Gender and Social Change in Iran (1979-2017).”


Tony Szu-Hsien Lee, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor, Department of Health Promotion and Health Education, National Taiwan Normal University

Chairperson, Research Ethics Committee, National Taiwan Normal University

Visiting Professor, Yale University School of Medicine 2013 and 2017

Consultant, Early Childhood Development and Positive Parenting Programs, Save the Children China 2014~

Senior Researcher, Academy for the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice, Taiwan 2015.01.01~2018.12.31


Dr. Padmini ( Mini) Murthy MD, MPH, MS, FAMWA, FRSPH


Dr. Padmini (Mini) Murthy, Professor and Global Health Director at New York Medical College School of Health Sciences and Practice . 

Dr. Murthy is a physician (a trained obstetrician and gynecologist) and an activist who did her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She has practiced medicine and public health for the past 28 years in various countries. She has been working in various arenas of the health care industry. And workded as consultant for UNFPA. She has a MPH and a MS in Management from New York University. Dr. Murthy serves as the Medical Women’s International Association NGO representative  to the United Nations. She also serves a member of the Executive Council of the NGO CSW Committee of NY, and the DPI NGO executive committee of NY at the United Nations. Dr. Murthy is widely published and is the author and editor of Women's Global Health and Human Rights (Jones and Bartlett publisher) which is used as a text book worldwide and she serves as a peer reviewer for several publications. Her poetry book Mini’s Musings was published in 2012.She is currently working on her 3rd book on the use of technology in promoting health.  She has made over 150  presentations on women’s and children’s health nationally and internationally in scientific conferences and in the United Nations and countries where she has been She has been working to promote safe motherhood and other health initiatives focused on women in India, Malawi and Grenada. Dr. Murthy has been the recipient of numerous  national and international awards. She was the 1st American woman physician to receive the Jhirad Oration Award (in Seoul, Korea) conferred at an international conference in recognition of her service and work to MWIA. She has also been the recipient of the Soujouner Truth Pin which is given to those women who excel in community service. In June 2015, she was presented Millennium Milestone Maker Award at the 9th Annual Women’s Symposium at Sias University, China. In 2016 She was  the first Indian born American in over 70 years to receive the Elizabeth Blackwell Medal from American Medical Women’s Association for her work in promoting womens health globally. She is the recipient of the Lalita Pawar memorial award in 2016 confered by the Association of Medical Women in India Nagpur for her work in promoting wome’ s health and human rights. In 2017 Murthy was conferred the prestigious Dr Homi Colabawall Oration in Mumbai India for her work on promoting women’s health. In 2018 she received a mentor ship award from the Australian medical students and Exceptional Woman of Excellence Award at the Women economic Forum in New Delhi. 

Murthy is currently chair elect of the International Health Section of the American Public Health Association which is one of the largest associations of public health profesioanls in the world. 

Murthy is married to a physician and is the mother of a daughter who works in international development and education. 


Dr. Nazar Shabila,

Assistant Professor, Hawler Medical University

Nazar Shabila has MSc degree in Public Health in Developing Countries from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Ph.D. in Community Medicine from Hawler Medical University. He is an assistant professor of public health at Hawler Medical University, Erbil, Iraq. He teaches different courses including the epidemiology of the communicable disease, health economics, health information, and demography. He has more than 50 peer-reviewed publications. His current research work is mainly related to health services research, women’s and reproductive health, violence against women and conflict and health. Before pursuing the academic career, he established seven years of experience in the humanitarian relief field through working with the International Committee of the Red Cross and UNOPS-IDPs Project. His work involved assessing and addressing the needs of the internally displaced people living in the camps and public buildings in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.