Mahnaz Alaei

  - Mahnaz Alaei, MS

is the Web Developer as well as the Information Systems Assistant at the Global Institute for Health and Human Rights.

After receiving her Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering as well as the Master's degree in Computer Science, She is currently creating several online learning platforms where health professionals and outreach workers can attend online courses to advance their skills and continued training in the field of global health and international law. To facilitate the learning process, these online courses incorporate stateof- the-art technology and provide visual and audio teaching components in multiple languages.


Farnoosh Feiz

  - Farnoosh Feiz, MD, MPH

Farnoosh completed her medical training in 2007 and worked as an Emergency Department physician until 2010. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the Division of Neuromuscular Medicine at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine in 2017 and received her Master of Public Health from the University of New England. She joined the University at Albany’s Global Institute for Health and Human Rights (GIHHR) and worked as a research assistant in 2018. She continues her research study in Public Health at The Institute for International Health and Education (IIHE). Aside from medicine, her favorite activities include swimming and painting. 


Mahtab Naji

  - Mahtab Naji, MD 

Mahtab graduated from Medical University of Debrecen in Hungary in 2016. She is an American certified doctor, and would like to continue her medical training in Internal Medicine. She worked at Emergency and Internal Medicine Departments in New York and California. She joined IIHE in 2018. 

Mahtab considers herself as a peace-loving world citizen and she is passionate about helping others. She is a children’s class animator and serving homeless people voluntarily in California. Aside from Medicine, her favorite activities are running and photography. 


Mansoureh MKarimi

- Mansi considers herself a world citizen. She is an American Certified doctor who graduated from the Medical University of Debrecen in December of 2011 in Hungary. Since graduation, she has worked in Emergency Medicine in Ireland as well as in the Department of Respiratory and Family Medicine in Hungary. Between 2005-2011 she has volunteered and worked as the national coordinator in the Junior Youth Empowerment Programs in Hungary and She is dedicated to working for the progress of underprivileged youth. she aspires to contribute to the well being of the youth and women around the world.